Our Services

Our Services

Oil & Gas Industry

We provide all products and services associated with the oil and gas exploration and production process, i.e. the upstream sector of the energy industry. In general these factors are engaged in the manufacturing, repair, and maintenance of equipment used in oil extraction and transportation.

Water & Wastewater industry

We believe that development of a cost-effective and sustainable source of clean, safe water is of fundamental importance to the well-being of all communities. Using sustainable, efficient technology solutions that are delivered to client’s needs, our global team of engineers and specialists works closely with clients to deliver optimal infrastructure solutions.

Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

We offer the services and solutions that will meet your needs. We maintain equipment for every industry and government sector. Some areas are prime power units on islands, landfills, commercial buildings, data centers, hospitals, and fire stations.

Power & Energy Industry

Future shop covers the entire procedures of chemical & petrochemical infrastructure. Whether we are talking about process units in the base chemical industry, furnaces and steam generators in the petrochemical industry or process utilities and steam supply piping systems - futureshop does the design, procurement and fabrication as well as construction. We also take care of the subsequent maintenance of your assets. Our top-end process control systems ensure the safe and reliable operation of your plants.

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We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves The Future Shop Company the well established since 1979. Our dedication, Effectiveness, and efficiency are over core values along with customer satisfaction.

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